September 14-20, 2015 Charleston WatersportsFest  

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Paddleboarding Charleston  

About Charleston Water SportsFest

Join us, September 12-18, 2016, for exciting activities, on the water, in the water, by the water!  If you love Charleston and its many tidal rivers, creeks, ocean fronts, waterways, and harbor - then this event is for you!  Over 50 different activities to choose from whether you are a competitor, recreational enthusiast or leisure water buff - something for everyone. 

Charleston SC, Everything And Water!




I. To utilize our natural environment in promoting one of the best assets for sports travel events, our waterways, and ocean fronts.

II. To combine a number of water-related competitions and recreational activities and promote as one multi-event series. 

III. To create a must-attend event during one of the slower tourism periods in Charleston.  Attract potential “drive market” travelers, interested in visiting Charleston AND experience its water assets.

IV. To offer a large menu of activities, which are spread out over the entire Charleston region. Includes venues, accommodations, restaurants, attractions and tours.

V. To create an extremely successful event series where in just a few years, it will be nationally recognized as a must-attend, active getaway for watersports enthusiasts and athletes. 




















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